IRL Stream Backpack GoPro
GoPro HERO8 & Media Mod, Rode Wireless GO, Peak Design P.O.V. Kit & Capture Clip

Stream Quality: 1080p, 30 fps (optionally 60 fps), 5000+ kbps

Architecture: GoPro (HDMI) -> Encoder (x265, SRT) -> Stream PC at home (x264, RTMP) -> Twitch/YouTube/Facebook

Camera: GoPro HERO8 Black ($299) + Media Mod ($79)

Encoder: TBS 2603 SE H.264/H.265 video encoding, up to1080p60, RTMP/HLS/RTSP/SRT (and more), tiny HDMI encoder ($229)

Mobile 4G Router: NETGEAR Nighthawk M1 ($299)

Microphone: RODE Wireless GO II ($299) + Rode Lavalier GO ($79)

Quick Release (Walking): Peak Design P.O.V. Kit v2 ($29) + Peak Design Capture Clip v3 ($49)

Quick Release (Cycling): GoPro Chest Mount ($12)

Battery / Power Bank (need up to 3): USB Power Bank, 13,000mAh+, 5V 2.1A+ ($25)

Power Cable (Encoder): 5V -> 12V Step Up ($5)

HDMI Cable: Micro HDMI to HDMI ($9)

Backpack: Plain old bag, made extra holes inside for cables. Alternative: Mesh Backpack

Network Bonding: None

FULL component list (alternatives & accessories): Page

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How to set this up? Watch this YouTube playlist.

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  • Hi how your host your obs when you are outdoor?
    Does this mean , I assume , I am outdoor sending SRT to back home (obs running at home pc ) and then re-route out to Twitch ? And use a loop-obs to monitor my obs (home ) for switching and overlay?

  • it would be much simplier to RTMP out to Lightstream or similar service as you can then get Mods/Editors to run prerecorded “break” videos on your behalf also without needing to worry about a remote OBS connection would could be a security issue in some cases.

  • Hi Spreeezy, stumbled upon your channel/page/resources when I was looking to do IRL streaming. Your recommended encoder seem to be discontinued. What do you think about the TBS 603 v2?

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