Offering consulting services for clients interested in private sessions in the following fields:

  • Introduction to streaming (field-specific expectations & goals, equipment planning, required skillsets, longevity)
  • IRL stream setup tech consulting (concept explanation / working out your use cases / equipment settings & setup)
  • Stream equipment tech consulting (camera setup / best practices / studio concepts / capture cards / lighting)
  • Equipment Purchase planning (getting the most out of your budget)
  • OBS settings & plugins (best practices, scene setups, advanced sources)
  • Software audio mixing (multi-pc setups, getting best microphone sound, VST plugin setup, Voicemeeter setup)
  • Game Coaching (game of choice – replay analysis, duo gameplay, general gaming advice, strategy)
  • QA Testing for games in development (pre-alpha, alpha, beta, etc.)

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Hourly rate: 95 USD / hour

Delivery: within 7 days

Usual daily availability: 08:00 – 11:00, 19:00 – 21:00, Central European (CET / CEST).