Age of Empires 4 – 60 Reasons why you Shouldn’t Buy

Age of Empires 4 was supposed to be the big return of RTS to main stream, but it's far from that. Here's why.

BY sprEEEzy
September 21, 2021

GoPro – ULTIMATE Settings Guide for STREAMING & What Accessories to Buy (Hero 7, 8 & 9)

GoPro Hero 7, 8 & 9 best settings for live streaming. Also, find out what accessories go well with your GoPro!

BY sprEEEzy
August 24, 2021

sprEEEzy’s IRL Stream Backpack v1 (2021)

The best bang for the buck IRL Live Streaming Backpack Equipment List.

BY sprEEEzy
August 19, 2021

NETGEAR Nighthawk M1 – Is it good for IRL Streaming in 2021?

We tested the NETGEAR Nighthawk M1 4G Mobile Router in various IRL Live Stream scenarios. What are the speeds, and well does it maintain a solid connection?

BY sprEEEzy
August 17, 2021

Twitch adding New Regional Subscription Pricing – $1 Subs in Turkey

Twitch is admitting the equivalent subscription models of it's main competitors, YouTube & Facebook, are just better. New regional subscription pricing one of the biggest changes is Twitch' monetization history, and it's going to roll out gradually during Q2/Q3 of 2021. The current price model is aimed at around $4.99 for a tier 1 subscription. However, some countries like Canada, Australia and even New Zealand, pay upwards of $7.50 for the same exact tier 1 subscription. This is likely due to regulations, as well as certain local sales taxes that might apply. Details behind the decision Twitch in it's…

BY sprEEEzy
May 17, 2021

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